Two Handed Weapon IK Not Working?

Hi guys,

I’m having an issue with my two handed weapons where they don’t connect both hands to the weapon. I’m currently spawning the weapon in the right hand, then on my Character BP Tick Event I’m trying to get the IK_Hand socket from the current held weapon/object and setting that to my IK Hand Transform variable. Then in my animation BP I’m adding a FABRIK on the left hand to update to the held weapon/object’s IK_Hand using that newly set variable inside my Rifle overlay state. However, for the life of me I can’t seem to workout why the left hand isn’t attaching correctly. I’ve spent over a week now trying to resolve this and had no luck. So if anyone has any idea on what might be causing this or know where I might be going wrong I would really appropriate the help here.

This is a video of my blueprints and an example of the gameplay results:

Just an added note, I am using the ALS pack for my character movement and base function.

Thanks in advance.