Two game mode, one overlap the other game mode

I have a project with 2 game mode, one for sreen, other for oculus.
in one mode there is widget compas, in the other game mode there are 2 compas. The problem is that when I change the game mode and run the game, the first game mode overlap the second game mode.

fullscreen game mode

oculus game mode


oculus game mode with error overlaping the screen game mode

One thing that works is put just one event beginplay conected and disconet the other, but I would like the game mode change if there is a oculus conected or not in orther to play a game mode with oculus or screen

Somebody can help me solving this?


I think you add a VRNotifications component and use its events.


Thanks to the answer. I’ve tried many combinations with VRNotificacions, but none works, do you have a more specific idea?