"Two" Free The Division BETA Keys

hey guys,
I thought maybe someone here could be interested in joining the division beta. I got a few keys and two of them are left, so if anyone
is interested, feel free to ask. I will pick two of you randomly for a free key within the next 24 hours.

The keys are working on all platforms, PS4, Xbox One and PC. Please keep in mind that all free keys should work just fine but there is no guaranty
that you can join the beta, for what reason ever… The preload of the beta has already started :cool:

If they’re burning a hole in your pocket, I’d gladly help you out :slight_smile:

Have you been part of a closed beta? How’s it shaping up?

I’m new around here but I’d love to have a beta key, My friend got one and it would be sweet to play with him. : )

All people ivolved in the closed beta are not allwed to talk about it, so i can’t tell you a lot about it… But i can tell you one thing, this game will be really nice! :cool:
The open beta will start tomorrow, for PC and PS4 on friday…

Hello, Sir.

Can you give me one please? I have been trying since 10th January and I still have no code and my friends will play tomorrow but not me :confused:

pleaseeeee :frowning:

like i wrote… i will pick up two random users from this thread in the next 24 hours.

If you’re still waiting on submissions, I’d like to try my luck at getting one. I’ve been on the waiting list for about 2/3 months+ now, so it’d be nice to have a chance to win it from here :smiley:

i’m interested :slight_smile:

I’ll take one with a side of mac and cheese my good sir, please and thank you :slight_smile:

Not sure if too late, but if not I’d like to join in! thanks

There are still 6 hours to go, so you are not to late :wink:

Ok thats it! All keys are given away to forum posts or PM messages that i received.
Keys are sended by direct PM to the winners. Winners can post they’re win here but don’t have to if they didn’t like.