Two Factor Authentication Email Takes Forever To Send

Epic’s 2 factor authentication method takes a long time to send. For whatever reason periodically the launcher will log me out and then ask me to verify/trust my machine all over again. Then I have to wait forever for it to send the email meanwhile I can’t access my vault or do certain tasks involving the launcher. There isn’t even a resend code option. Please increase the speed in which these emails are sent. 2FA is necessary for protection, but it shouldn’t cripple efficiency like this.

I second it, most services have immediate code-sending, Epic account codes have a long delay for some reason.

Last time it took 3767 seconds (measured by gmail internal stats) for sailthru to send my security mail. Great quality service. Once again, here i am unable to access my store account. Been waiting here for the past 20 minutes for nothing. When the email arrive it will be invalid already since timeout. Again, and again. And just again.

I recommend setting up two factor auth for some auth application. I have setup mine on google authenticator.

Or Epic could just fix their email sending problems?

Yeah same hear on my main account I made a moble account and it gave it to that both my Xbox account a year ago