Two events triggering one action?

Hi guys, i’m new to this whole scripting thing so bear with me if i’m not making any sense or if this question has already been answered and im just looking for the wrong thing.

Basically i’m trying to allow the player to open a door by entering a certain range within a keypad and pressing the E key (2 seperate events). i have it working the only problem is the door opens when only one of the events (entering within the range or pressing the button) happens. how can i make it so that both events are required in order for the door to open?


Hi RWhittingham,

The following tutorial covers exactly what you’re attempting to do (Although it uses the F key).

The particular part you would be looking for would be the ‘Making a Usable Door’ section near the bottom.

I hope this helps! Have a nice day,

Hi RWhittingham,

Have you solved your issue? It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you so I will be closing this issue as resolved. If you do still require assistance, please feel free to comment and the issue will reopen.

Thank you

you make me realize again the vital importance of RTFM

I realise I did not thank you for the reply , I must of got caught up getting it to work. Sorry about that, the tutorial helped a lot.

You don’t think I read the manual? As I said at the time I was completely new to scripting/programming of any kind. I knew what I wanted to do was possible I just didn’t know a way to do it. And the UE4 documentation is not the most informative/explanatory tool for a beginner nor is it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for …