Two content directorys

I want move all Library except my proyects to another hard disk, but i want see them on library. its possible?

Yes. Move the entire folder (from Documents: Unreal Projects) to wherever you want it.
After you do this, open the folder and locate the launchable file just inside it.
Double-Click on it to launch it and the launcher will remember the new location for future

the problem its i want my personal proyects in my main SSD hard disk and rest content in other hard disk.

i can have a launcher for my proyects in other location, but if i can have both content listing in the “Library” would be better.

All you have to do is manually load it once after you move it to a new location, that will add it back into your library (after you restart the launcher as well). I have multiple projects in different locations and it works as expected. :slight_smile:

ah now understand, that nice.