Two characters controlled by one player


I trying to figure out how to make game like “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”, where one player can control two characters at time.

In Character class you can set 1 mesh and there is only 1 movement component. Also, every character should be animated individually.
So, maybe I need to create 2 characters and connect them to 1 player controller somehow?

Please advise if you have any ideas.

Create two controllers, each responsible for handling it’s own input for it’s own character.
Since both controllers get info based on mapped actions and axis. being one “physical (xbox, keyboard)” controller is no issue.

Any shared data between them two, store in the game state or such.

and how to set it? 2nd created controller will use 2nd connected gamepad.

IMOP, The first character use the standar metode, the second character can be spawned and registrer in the player controller as variable type actor. Them the controller can send events to the secons character.

I thought you meant that it would be exactly like two brothers, their on a controller you controll one per analog stick. Then you would just have to controllers, each controller checking the axis that is relevant to it feeding that to the same functions in it’s own character.

Nope. Only 1 player/controller and 2 characters.

2 Players is coop and it’s simple :slight_smile:

No no. Like I said, Two characters from one physical controller. I wrote two brothers, I meant Two sons.

My point still stands, make two controllers, PlayerControllerBrotherA PlayerControllerBrotherB. One controller read the axis from the left analog, the other from the right analog. Both feed in to the same functions for movement the character they are connected to.

But how to use them both? Game mode uses only 1 class of player controller at time.

One friend tell me that I can use simple player with spectator pawn and 2 AI characters, which can be controlled from player controller.
So PC gives to AI some commands to move and interact, when player press some buttons.

That can’t be true. then why can you specify the index to what player to get the controller for?

I’ve done something very similar recently. I wanted to control a character and a vehicle at the same time. All I had to do was to add Spawn Default Controller node to my vehicle.

In your case you could use a spectator as a main controller and spawn your characters in blueprint. Where you creating your characters add Spawn Default Controller node for each of them and plug them into their respective nodes. Map their controls like you’d normally do inside of every character blueprint, using input events or axes. That should do the trick and they both should be controllable at the same time.

Thank you for response.
I tried this, but looks like it spawns AIController.

So, using all your advises I finally get it.

First of all I have create input mappings for every character (MoveRight_A, MoveRight_B, MoveUp_A, MoveUp_B and so on)

Then create simple character only with camera and set it as default for my game.
In it’s Event Graph I spawn 2 another characters (with meshes and other components) and store them as variables + spawn default controllers for them (without it movement and physics not working).

Finally I add input events to default character and pass it into this new 2 characters through custom events.

Now, 1st can be controlled with WASD, 2nd with Mouse axes, or both with correspond gamepad sticks.

Maybe it’s not a better solution, but I think this is a good point to start.
Thanks you guys!