Two characters controlled by one controller in online matches


I’ve been trying to get two characters controlled by one player controller in online multiplayer working for about a week now. After fighting and fighting with it, I think it’s time to seek help here on the forums. First of all, I’m using 4.7.6 because I’ve found it to be the most stable for testing online multiplayer stuff in the editor. I’ve been using the Multiplayer Shootout example as well as Playful Synapse’s video for reference.

Please download my project here.

My current problem is that if I start the game from my main menu, I can’t move my second character. If I start the game from my match map, I can move both characters, but only if I am on the server. Starting from my match map with two players, I cannot control anything in the client. I have no idea why these things are happening, and any help would be really appreciated.

I didn’t download your project so what I say here might not apply, but here is how I would solve it:

Don’t try to make the controller control the actors by using build in mechanics but simply pass data from the controller to your actors.
Put one actor in variable A and the other in variable B.
And then in the controller blueprint:
Even left mouse button → get A → Shoot (event defined inside actor A) → get B → Shoot (event defined inside actor A).

Hope it helps.

This is what I have in my player control to control movement:

You can ignore the bool and branch. My problem is almost as if the characters are not being possessed, but I do have Auto Possess AI setup to be Placed in World or Spawned, and the AI Controller Class set to the default PlayerController class.

I added an Event Tick into the ThirdPersonCharacter and printed out the name of the controller. This was my finding:

Apparently the client is not possessing its second character, nor is it doing the Auto Possess AI function. I did find that I was missing a node connection to the Possess which was causing the client to not possess the character. That was my mistake.

I realized my project wasn’t available to download via the link. I’ve updated the project and link and it can now be downloaded here. I’m still having trouble with getting the second character working.