Two Bone IK world position

Hello everyone,

So to start things off, What i’m trying to do is to use a Two Bone IK on the feet of my character to fix the feet to a world position point whenever the feet is on the ground and it only sets the location at first contact.
I have managed to get the world position, I have for test purposes, spawn an actor on that point to see that it works which it did. But when I attach that world position to the Effector Location on a Two Bone IK node, I don’t get the result I was hoping for. The Effector location space is set to world space.

When I’m playing the game, the leg is pulled towards my world X axis. In other words, when i run aligned with the X axis, the feet stick well. But when i turn the character. The feet are offsetted towards the X axis.


During the picture above, the character was running along the world Y axis. Which caused the leg to go towards the left.
I was wondering if anyone knows what is causing this? or if anyone have a solution.

There is a leg IK node for that. Move the IK bone in place with a transform, and run the leg IK none after.

And what’s causing it is that you are probably replacing the value to 0,0,0. Turn on show bones, and you’ll see where your IK bone is being placed.
You can play with the setting. Change to Additive for instance (or whatever it is called?).

If you dont have IK bones, then just add them saves you from issues.

I tried that approach too, althought i need to experiment more with it. But it gave me pretty much the same result. But thank you for the reply.

Just enable show bones in the editor so you can see where it is being placed visually.
in all likelyhood your effector is incorrect.