Two Bone IK Update Rate (Possible to sync with Camera Frame Rate?)


I have been working on a true first person perspective for a little FPS project I was working on with a couple of friends. I am currently having a issue with what I would deem latent movement or updating of the IK setup of the arms, and even when I use a FPS setup where the arms and gun are children to the camera I still see some examples of latent movement, when the camera is moved very quickly. I have tried two methods to provide such a true first person perspective including socketing the camera to a skeleton’s head and using skeletal controls to rotate the head and torso and using the camera transform and hand offsets to set the effector locations of right and left hand IK setups, I have setup the camera independt of the skeleton’s head and using IK on left and right hand using the camera transform and hand offsets. The current version is using two ball meshes that act as end effectors, and I haven’t add the Joint Targets, but I really want to understand whether this is my failure of implementation or if the IK function or if the general animation framework does not update at the camera update rate? If this could be resolved it would be a great help the project and bring much needed clarity and direction. Furthermore, I have had issues with shaking of the gun while rotating very quickly left and right and it would be great to get some input concerning this as well.


Below is my Animation blueprint

Below is the current hierarchy of the character pawn

Below is the IK Details tab

Below is gun shaking