Two basic things that are still missing from the launcher.

So… I’m pretty sure these features have been asked a few (or many…) times before starting from the very first engine release over a year ago but they are still not added.

  1. Choose download/installation directory… I can’t stress enough how important this is… let’s say you want to have 3+ different engine versions for example… that’s a lot of GB and you might not want to have everything taking space in your C: drive.
    I’m aware of some workarounds but this should be an easy to use option in the launcher.

  2. Add option to disable the auto-launcher startup when opening a project (who doesn’t find this annoying? :p).

Hi all,

The second point has already been requested (The Britain I believe it was you who made the previous suggestion), it was entered as UE-13086. I can provide an update on that, it has been discussed and closed as ‘won’t fix’, apparently it is outside the intended workflow. Unfortunately that is all the info I have on that one, so it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon.

As far as choosing where to put the editor itself, this has been requested many times, and I do not think it is high on the list of things that will happen soon. There’s a couple of AnswerHub threads on how to change it yourself. Here is one I found where staff provides a method, and here is one for projects.

Sorry to be the bearer of all around bad news! Good luck though.

Thanks for the reply wittlief.

…okay I can understand low priority requests but won’t fix?? :rolleyes:
I would greatly appreciate if you guys re-consider this… I mean it makes no sense! :stuck_out_tongue: it can be optional and enabled by default for all I care, it doesn’t have to break any workflow.

“2) Add option to disable the auto-launcher startup when opening a project (who doesn’t find this annoying? ).” This is really annoying thing, it’s sad that they won’t fix it :frowning:

Can’t believe I’d never thought of this before. Super easy workaround. At least, until the next launcher update.

As long as the launcher’s memory footprint is minimal and there are no memory leaks I don’t mind too much.

I wouldn’t have such a problem with it if:

A) It began minimised. I don’t need it taking up taskbar space and

B) The memory leaks were fixed. My fan’s spinning like mad after a while and it turns out EpicGamesLauncher is taking up 15-40% of CPU. Crazy!

I must be the odd one out, since the Launcher never auto starts for me in any situation unless I start it myself. Haven’t changed any configurations or anything. But unless I go out of my way to open it, I never see it, and I have UE4 open just about every day. Odd.

Aaand bump :rolleyes: I swear I will keep bumping this thread until these 2 options gets added :stuck_out_tongue:

For the auto launch option I could probably make a pull request (since I think it’s engine-side) but is it going to be accepted? :stuck_out_tongue:
And the other one is launcher-side which is closed source afaik so nothing we can do other than hacky workarounds :confused:

I just removed my credentials from the launcher. So it starts up, but then sits there asking for my email and password.
After the project has loaded, I can simply close it.
From time to time I start it up though, just to see whats new on the marketplace or if tehre is a new engine preview :slight_smile:

This, I don’t see reason why to force people to use launcher. Yes, I know that you probably want them to use launcher because there are news and marketplace but It is really annoying, especially when you have low spec HW and launcher costs you performance.

I checked that and it is exactly just one line of code (one condition), It would be nice if you will add option to editor settings.

For those who want to disable it, just add // before DesktopPlatform->OpenLauncher(false, TEXT(“”)); or as other guys say, rename exe.