Two animations at once

Hello everyone,
I am just playing with animations recently and I made a vehicle with double wishbone and stuff. So I have everything moving nicely. Now let’s say I want to add another animation to the “double wishbone animation”. Now my animgraph is just bunch of look at, copy bone nodes out of wheel handler node. I made an animation in blender where I want to for example open the doors when I press “E”. How to start animation after key is pressed is another topic :D, but how do I blend those two together? Animation was made in Blender and then every bone is keyframed. So when I start my open door animation obviously the wheel handler animation will be ignored. What is the workflow on this? Should I only keyframe that one bone which is rotating the doors? I really have no idea where to start so just I dont waste time by reinventing the wheel I ask you first. Thank you :slight_smile:

Use the layered blend per bone node.

Here’s an example of how to use it from the 3rd person template tutorial:

Thank you a lot!