Two actors are spawning in one spawn event

I programmed a actor blueprint to spawn the actor infinite but at one event two actors are spawned at different locations. this is common to all my game actors. I tried searching multiplayer setting. I’m not playing the game in dedicated server and no multiplayer.

make sure you only call that function once,
If that function is only called once then i am guessing the clients are calling the function separately which spawns more actors. Try 3-4 player multiplayer and if that increases the actors spawned

I tried with 3 multiplayer and now it spawns 3 actors rather than 2 but, I can’t find the problem , how do I play without any clients? I tried using doonce function it worked but not properly there is still some
spawn lag.

set the spawn event to RUN ON SERVER only ( from the details panel ). Set the player count to 1