two Actor components linked together by default value

Hey Guys,
I have a problem. I am currently programming an inventory System and and Programmed an Actor Component to keep track of what item is in which Inventory. So on my Player Char I have two Actor Components of the type Inventory (My slef Programed Actor Component). I have those two Actor Component, one for the Hot Bar and the other for the inventory it Self that is opened when you push the I button. So My Problem is that somehow these two Actor Components linked them self together per the default Value and now when I for Example change the Variable Inventory Size both of the Actor Components have the same value and I don’t know how to disable this problem.

Thanks for your Help

Unlink them somehow.

yeah Thanks for the Idea but there is no button or anything to unlink them I have tried for over 5 hours now. Many different things. Reverting the Project or Deleting the Component (Unreal crashes) and many other things. I also thought about that the problem comes from the blueprint but it doesn’t. Why do I know that because I wasted one hour to change all the component variables to another Object Reference that had nothing to do with those Components and they are still linked. I also tried make a new Component from the same script and that also worked but for how long is the question and the extra component is also not good for the performance.

So you see I only come to the community of unreal because I don’t know anyway to solve this problem.

Thanks for your understanding