TwitchPlugin: Everything you need for Twitch in UE4, well Almost!


My name is Bioblaze Payne, and I`m here to present the “TwitchPlugin”.

TwitchPlugin is a Plugin that extends UE4 to have features such as:

Current Version: 3.0.1
Submitted to Epic Games: 1.0

Selling on untill I hear back from Epic Games: TwitchPlugin $19.99

***** NOTE: Everything Listed Below is in the Current Build. PLEASE Make Suggestions and I will Add New Modules/Components too it Overtime. *****

Settings Panel

  • ClientID
  • RedirectURL

UMG Components

  • Twitch OAuth Browser


  • Server Connect
  • Server Disconnect
  • User Joined Channel
  • User Parted Channel
  • Client Joined Channel
  • Client Parted Channel
  • Received Message from Channel
  • Received Message from User
  • Raw Message from Server
  • Twitch Plugin Error
  • Chat Command Registered
  • Chat Command Removed
  • Received Chat Command

Blueprint Nodes

  • Twitch Connect
  • Twitch Disconnect
  • Twitch Message Channel
  • Twitch Message User
  • Twitch Join Channel
  • Twitch Part Channel
  • Twitch Request Tags
  • Twitch Request Commands
  • Twitch Request Membership
  • Twitch Joined Channel List
  • Twitch Registered Commands List
  • Twitch Register Command
  • Twitch Register Commands
  • Twitch Remove Command
  • Twitch Remove Commands

AsyncTask Blueprint Nodes

  • 96 Functions Duplicating the Full v5 API for Twitch


  • CHM for Full Plugin
  • DoxyGen Web Documentation
  • Simple Comments on Every Async Function

Pending Updates

  • Live Streaming in UE4 With Layer Masking to Twitch
  • Webcam Support for Live Streaming
  • Struct based Output Methods for Async Functions
  • Return of IMG Export to Texture2D for Any IMG URL from Twitch
  • Example of Item Drop Reference (Node.js Server/w Sqlite Database)
  • UMG Chat Window with Emoticon intergration
  • Demo ~ Twitch Login then Chat Window with Userlist and Selectable Direct Message Box with a Tabbed Chat interface.
  • Demo ~ Simple Game with Timed Chat Events, Chat Commands that Allows people to effect Gameplay from within Twitch Chat
  • Demo ~ Twitch Overlay Example using Game Mechanics for OBS/XSplit Broadcaster
  • Awesome Demo Videos for Each Demo :smiley:

I have no Awesome Video, I fail at that Sort of Stuff. NOR do I have any Sort of Artwork. :frowning: Sadface

But I will Leave some Screenshots.

I need help deciding what I should do with it? Should I sell it? Should I Give it away? Should I be like BOOM O_O And end all Civilization as we know it? Who knows! YOU DECIDE!

Also what Other Functionality should I Add in? Any Other events? What do you guys Think? Reply and I shall DO O_O



^^^^^^^^^^^^ Pictures in the Spoilers :smiley:

Videos Coming Soon, along with Example Project & Build!

Ohh yes please!
Integrating functions for players to influence my game would be super neat!

:smiley: Working on a Command Registration System, and a Timed Command Event System ;3 So I can do all the Pesky Stuff for you :smiley:

This looks super useful!

Put it up on for Sale. Updating it with a Few New Functions. And Adding in some Neat Demos! :smiley:

Newest Update: 2.4
Added Command System
Added Associated Events for the Command System
Added Async Timed Event, for Commands that are only active during a duration.

+1 to this.

I think it would be really cool to see games offering Twitch features. This looks really easy to use and experiment with and people have always liked/wanted social features so I could really this becoming a trend in video games! Nicely done!

Bioblaze, looks amazing!

Thanks! :smiley: If you can think of any features let me know <3

yezzzzzzzz i paid 10 bucks for the other one, but it was no good im super excited for this!

Should be possible to add “GetTopStreamers(Game, count)” using Get Live Streams -> gamename right? (IE: Featuring top streamers of your game in game?)

Also the twitch api has an emoticon list you can pull from and get links for images.

These are two features that I would consider important.

Other than that, nice job, the other version was really lacking.

Someone asked me to do that, i`ll work on it. Any other Additions?

Right now, Working on a System to pull all the emoji`s from a channel, so you can populate chat with them.

Note: Wont beable to update it, with any new functions for a Week. Doing work for Clients.

Very nice! Can it also do twitch alerts? I had an idea for a project that has to do with following and subbing or donating. I would need UE4 to know whether a new sub or follower or donator has happened or not to start events.

Subs I can do, it would require me adding in a Scope Component to the Settings Page, which I was planning. I cannot however, get Donation Information. Without say for Instance, a 3rd Party API that receives the Donation Information, and then I pull from that every 1sec-5secs depending on lag of course. Which would give me json. But it would receive the data first, and I would simply retrieve it.

So to anwser your question Yes on the Subs, No on the Donaitons, not without a 3rd Party Service providing API Access. That I can make something to Support that 3rd Party Service ;d Of Course.

+1 to this. I’m also looking forward to it!

Added them. By the Way. Man. I made a Game for Ludum Dare with my Plugin, 14,440 Avatars took me like omfg 45+ mins to download @.@ NEVER using viewers/followers as enemies… Lulz. At least not for the big boys XD

Hi there!
I am very interested in this, are you still working on it?
Currently I implemented communication with twitch chat via IRC myself, but noticed, that it is not possible to get a viewer list if the channel has more than 1000 viewers.
I guess this is possible via twitch API and it seems like you have implemented this in “GetTwitchStreamViewers”, correct?

Can you say something about performance when dealing with high viewer numbers? You said it took 45+min for loading 14,440 avatars, but is it possible to load only their names in acceptable time?
What are you using to parse chat messages efficently?

Is this: “If you want a Free Copy Reply to this Thread!” still valid? Would love to test it. :slight_smile:

Yep Still working on it.
Currently redoing every single command over for v5 of the API. Since v3 Will be shutoff in a few months. :frowning:
You can load all names in roughly 0.9s loading the avatars for the names, and collecting all the information takes alittle time.
Also you can get the list of every single viewer, i got lists of 24k

No the Free Copy isnt valid anymore, new update on information for this plugin and all functions/blueprints will appear soon

Updated to 4.16.3 Includes all 96 Endpoints for’s API

Will be adding More too the System overtime, and reworking each and every Function.

NOTE Next Major Revision will handle Every single Function Export of Data as Structs, this Version woulda had it. But. Too Many Pieces of Missing Data from the API Documentation.

plugins are life savers, thanks man. I will purchase soon.