TwitchAuth In-Game Twitch authentication

Hey guys, in the past view weeks I made a UE4 plugin called TwitchAuth (Twitch Auth in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace) to authenticate Twitch subscribers in-game. My use case will be subscriber builds, to have the link public but only subscribers can authenticated in-game and play it. I don’t know if anybody of you is interested in stuff like this, but I wanted to put it out there anyway!

BTW, plugin is completely open source => GitHub - mrbandler/TwitchAuth: Unreal Engine 4 Plugin for In-Game Twitch Authentication.

Hi mrbandler,
I like to know is your “twitch auth” plugin work for native web browser like (open in google chrome) and after login redirect to the application continue.
One more think, please let me know, while using the plugin I am facing one issue, it shows a subcription error “nope”, so please suggest me what step I missing into it?
Thanks in advance.