Twitch -> YouTube video posting and streaming

Hi Epic,

Could we please somehow expedite the posting of videos from Twitch to YouTube or ideally stop using that stinking pile of **** that Twitch is, and switch to YouTube?

Aside from taking days or weeks to get those videos posted from Twitch to YouTube, even playing them from Twitch is a glitch most of the time.

If I understood correctly, Chance hinted at one point that it was a bandwidth issue? to use YouTube instead of Twitch, although I am not sure whether that’s correct or valid. I streamed HD to YouTube using 5MBit/sec upstream without any problems and surely Epic has more than that.

If it’s the chat you need, YouTube apparently has chat as well. Further more, you wouldn’t really need to send people to YouTube but could create a dedicated page on and live video streams and whatever chat features together, and tie them to your login system on the site already. This is simple to do in general and there are all kinds of ways of doing it.

Please, with cherry on top.

Hey amigo, Thanks for the feedback.

We’ve chosen Twitch as our streaming solution as it’s currently the most fully featured and supported. That may change at some point in the future, but it’s what Epic plans to use for it’s products for the time being. I know it’s rough that it takes us a few days to get the archives moved to YouTube. Most of this has to do with the large file size and getting the timestamped description written. Would it be better if we just pushed it up to YouTube without the video info and saved a day or so?

Regarding bandwidth, the comment was in context to streaming to both Twitch and YouTube simultaneously, which would likely prove to be a bit much for our upload, especially now that we’re now doing some dial-ins via Skype.

Let me know what you think


Granted I have business class internet speeds, (150down 50up, static ip’s), but it works great for me. Sometimes I have a few streams going, and that’s while ppl are streaming other things in the house(we gave up cable, so they only stream now haha)

May not be the best option, but if its not working well for you, you could maybe drop the screen res a tad for the twitch stream… Personally, Ide rather wait a day ish for the extra info for the youtube stuff, though I usually watch the stream and so I don’t really watch the youtube one, but that seems like its a good thing to do :wink:

Then it must be me. :slight_smile:

For example scrubbing through Twitch is not as smooth as YouTube, which truly irks me. And my internet connection is not that bad, 25Mbit down, 10Mbit up,

Also, maybe it’s because I don’t always sit at the computer and watch on the browser. I have XBMC (Kodi) media box in my living room so I can relax on the couch and watch (or not in case of Twitch). But even in Linux Twitch isn’t playing that great so I have to pipe the feed via a proxy script to VLC player. So, it might not be the software on this end, but perhaps terrible Twitch API, CDN and the way they do delivery.

Overall, I find Twitch to be a “sticks and stones” amateurish platform. But, then again I doubt it was ever meant for professional broadcasting, so it boggles my mind why would Epic choose them as the most feature complete.

In any case, I won’t beat a dead horse anymore - I’ll settle on waiting for YouTube re-posts. :slight_smile:

It’s good that they use twitch, because youtube streaming does not work in some countries - here in germany for example we can’t watch live streams on youtube, but twitch works fine.

Hum…I thought such restrictions would be posed by the broadcaster and not YouTube. :\