[Twitch] - Vehicles in 4.2 - May 29, 2014


  1. Will the vehicles be enter-able out of the box - like, can ACharacters get in and out of them - or do we need to implement that ourselves?

  2. Do the vehicles support networking?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Question for Ori.

Will we ever likely see a native omni-directional gravity system (ie. being able to rotate the direction of gravity at a whim) or is the engine truly fixed around Z-axis gravity to the point where we will have to create a hack to make it an option?

Will I be able to create complex destruction of the car, I mean when I hit an obstacle - depending on the velocity I would expect the bumper to dent or to be totally destroyed and at some point to come off.

Is there a wind node we can attach to a character/vehicle?..To illustrate how fast we are going by using the movement in Hair/cloth?

It’s there in Persona so we can see we’ve set up Apex but I’ve not seen it elsewhere…so one would imagine it’s easy to put in elsewhere.

Will the vehicle template be good start for a tank game?

[Question] When will Mr. Sweeney make an appearance on the stream?! I heard he isnt a man of many words, but it would be cool for a surprise/guest appearance! :slight_smile:

[Question] Many of the Tappy chicken merges [into main] for android specifically, have not been added to 4.2. When will this be done (these commits add/fix admob, leader boards, and achievements)

I’ve been experimenting a little with flyers/skimmers/hovercrafts. They’re not perfect, and in these cases they’re simulated rather than full-physics implementations (I’m still doing quite a bit of learning). I’m planning to release a bunch of this to the community once it’s buttoned up a bit more. I would love some feedback in the meantime.

Flyers: Replicated Aircraft Experiment - Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

I imagine you could do this with a combination of swapping the mesh for its damaged counterpart based on the impact event and setting breakable joints in the physics asset’s constraints editor.

Vehicles are currently replicated, I imagine they will stay that way. Here is a very sorry example: replicated vehicle test

Everything that will be merged into 4.2 has been merged by now; any other stuff that was too risky to merge will be in 4.3 (and is already in the Master branch). However, I think most of the Android fixes did end up getting merged (certainly stuff like AdMob, game center, and google play support are). I’m not as certain about how many of the HTML5 changes made it into 4.2, and will ask Peter to chime in.

Michael Noland

I am also curious about this.

To clarify, the samples aren’t currently being mirrored to GitHub, but all of the content / BP changes to TappyChicken are in the 4.2 branch and will be in the updated marketplace version as soon as 4.2 goes live.

Michael Noland

The collision issue has been fixed and will be in 4.2
I’m not actually sure about the lighting issue, sorry.

Admob/achievments are merged but aren’t quite working correctly?

I see peter made a bunch of merges to main from tappy that fix/finalize admob/achievements/leaderboard support (yay!). I guess i’m just not able to get them to work properly with the current preview build or current github 4.2 branch ?

Some commits which are:
and a couple other commits from tappy and peter.

Idk, maybe i’m just missing something, but thanks for your time!

EDIT: I see the post about some changes from tappy not making it too 4.2. But I would think if tappy needed them just to get admob/achievements/google play to work then they should be included in 4.2 (as those are features planned in 4.2)? Its ok cause i’m running a fork with commits manually merged in, just wanted to make sure you guys knew. :slight_smile: Thanks Noland!

I have a question regarding the vehicles.

How well will this play with the upcoming 2d plugin?

I would say the issue with Landscape splines is:

  1. They can be only used on Landscape.
  2. For lots of cases they are really excessive and/or not appropriate to use. If the splines would support decal projection under them (and if the fully blended translucent decals would blend properly ;p), that would solve most of problems.

Splines are perfect for roads, they just lack some functionality.

looks good to me so far

Question for Ori Cohen.

First of all Hey from all of the UE4 developers in Israel :slight_smile:

Second, Can you please briefly describe the contact point between the physics system and animation system?
To clarify, I am looking at physics animation to understand how it is modifying bone rotations of a skeletal mesh so I could use that as an entry point for my Kinect plugin.
And last question: In what coordinate system the physics system modifies the skeletal mesh bone rotation?

Could Epic make realistic water for us or maybe tutorial how to achieve this? All community have a problem with realistic ocean, water, sea, lake, etc…

4.2 Vehicle player attachment

Will the 4.2 Vehicles have slots and attachment points allowing us to snap characters into external vehicle vehicle positions like multiperson air vehicles from Tribes/Tribes 2?