[Twitch] Support Stream - Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) UI - Oct. 21, 2014

On the heels of our first support livestream, we are glad to announce next one, this time on UMG! Feel free to drop in and learn something with us. As mentioned, we are aiming to deliver one of these two weeks on **TUESDAYS AT 2PM, **meaning the next one will follow on November 4th. Don’t miss it!
**An in-depth look at UMG (Unreal Motion Graphics) UI creation and features.
**Tuesday, October 21st @ 2PM ET - Countdown]

**Chance Ivey - Community Manager

  • Tools Programmer
    Matt Kuhlenschmidt - Lead Tools Programmers

Feel free to ask any questions *on the topic *in the thread below, and remember: While we try to give attention to all inquiries, it’s not always possible to answer everyone’s questions as they come up. This is especially true for off-topic requests, as it’s rather likely that we don’t have the appropriate person around to answer. Thanks for understanding!


EDIT: The Archive is now up on YouTube ****](- YouTube)


I have question about projecting Widgets from world space coordinates to screen position.
I don’t want to draw them in 3D space. What I want to do is, to have widget like Health Bar or Floating Damage Text. And draw it over actor, which is in world.
Using Canvas it is fairly easy by using Project/Deproject, but when using Slate I hit the wall, when I just couldn’t get coordinates for each actor and project them to screen.

I hacked my way around, by setting coordinates trough AHUD, but it resulted in everything stacked on actor that happen to be last in current frame.

Is there any easy solution for UMG/Slate now ? Or something planned ?

1 Will the UniformGrid ever be a real grid is missing everything to actualy be a grid?
(No borders no rows or colums no good layout for plasing widgets inside it so 4th.)

2 I honestly can`t see much diferent from 4.4 am sure alot has happend under the hood, can you elaberate?

3 How can we expect to see UMG evolve over the next 6 months?

4 How is the C++ support for UMG now, and whats your focus moving forward?

How’s the progress on 3D component-based UMG widgets? It seemed like it was pretty far along in August, but we haven’t heard anything about it since.

Controller Support?

We can get basic input events in Widgets now but when will we see full controller support ?

Yesterdays was awesome, Can’t wait for this one too.

Second those.
I use a vertical box with horizontal boxes inside because grid is not functional atm in 4.5 preview. No control.

I’m just so happy :smiley: 2 questions from my side.

  1. Can we have more information on Drag & Drop Operations? Basically I’d like to know how to drag buttons around and drop them in a uniform grid.
  2. Is there any way to show Static/Skeletal Meshes within UMG? (e.g. a character with Idle animation)

Thanks a lot!

What is the best way to achieve a typewriter text effect.(where text types out one character at a time) I’ve implemented this feature in blueprints using Strings and repeatedly setting the display text to substrings of increasing length of the source String over time. Is there a way to accomplish this with Text variables?

Any UMG templates with every existing templates will be available ?
How to create minimaps using UMG ?
How to show UMG HUDs on client’s ?
A tutorial on UMG of every features/editor etc

That’s gonna be interesting!!!

  1. What are the main differences between Slate and UMG? (also in regard of C++)
  2. What is possible/impossible with Slate vs UMG?
  3. What about 3D GUI/HUD with UMG? Any limitations?

Hey guys!

Is it possible to and if so what is the best way to create a list of buttons that can fire generic events/actions/functions?

What I would like to be able to do is to have a menu with various options that can fire functions in another class or classes.

Thus far I’ve followed this tutorial by :

However his example requires the function of each button to be the same, and to be contained in the button itself.

What I’ve figured out so far: I set the button function up to fire an Event Dispatcher that my PlayerController class (where the menu is created) can listen to with a unique ID passed to the Dispatcher for each button. The issue is that the buttons are created using the Create Button function, and I obviously can’t put an event in that function and there’s no way for me to pass one in or out. I’m currently storing a reference to each of the buttons in an array when they’re created and binding the events in the Event Graph, which works but that seems a little messy. Is there a better way to do this that you’d recommend or does that sound right?

Thanks for the help!

I have a question related to this as well – how can you store Button references in variables? I’ve been unable to create a button variable. It would be amazing to have a button array as well, but it doesn’t seem possible with BPs.

Can UMG widgets be used out in the world(not directly attached to the player viewscreen), and if so can you show a quick easy example? This would be things like a floating health bar on a unit/enemy, icons that float near specific points or objects, etc.


how to build menus for matchmaking/lobbies using UMG ?
how to attach HUD to an asset ?

This would obviously be immensely useful for VR, too. I know that there was a post previously that the Unreal Engine team was working on getting this to work, but some general roadmap timeline might be nice! :slight_smile:

Edit: Looks like this got added to the roadmap for 4.6 (3D Widgets) https://trello.com/c/nw8jzsfg

Can we put Widget Style Packs on the Marketplace? :>

So when they say 3D Widgets, they are talking about anything that isn’t directly plastered on your view screen? Makes sense. I got time to wait for 4.6. :slight_smile:

yes… that is right KitatusStudios… i agree with you