[Twitch] Streaming UE4, Blueptints, modelling and level design :)

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I’m celplays, hobby gamedeveloper, and i stream. A lot. Well a lot lately :slight_smile:
Some of you may know me for seeing me on Twitch already but those who don’t, Hey there!

I’m currently working on Inferatu →
Site is
Descritiption is: Inferatu is an Open-world sci-fi FPS/TPS game where you have to survive the daily troubles such as mood, coldness, hunger, dehydration,… Besides that you have professions you can train such as medic, cook, engineer. Which you’ll have to use to complete quests, storyline and gain currency.

What do i stream?
Mostly Unreal engine 4, or blender. I do a various of things as i work on my game on my own :slight_smile: I do either Blueprints, Level design or Modelling.
My bp systems are quite done for the game(besides Inventory which i can’t get to work), Level design is by far done(for release), for alpha it’s getting quite done. And modelling i’m just doing all times if i feel like it :slight_smile:

**When do i stream?
**Mostly around 7 - 8PM GMt+1 till i go to sleep.

**Where is my stream at?

<- There :slight_smile:

Interested? Feel free to follow me ^^
I’ll keep this thread updated :slight_smile:


nice, just saw this

definitely checking this out, luv blender and always learn a lot from streams.

celplays you should fix a time & date for your stream times here ->

some of the other streamers also have a time/date that they use too.
(that shows the time till the stream comes on in the forum viewers time zone whenever they view the post & updates for whenever they view it)

ps: I see you just randomly stream so scratch most of that unless you have one planned and want to use it
been enjoying your stream btw, very kool watching someone play around in blender & UE4