Twitch SDK no longer available

I’ve downloaded the 4.4 preview and noticed it directs the developer to get the twitch sdk from the twitch github. This repo does not appear to be available any longer. In fact, it looks like it’s officially pulled:

twitch forum post

“Since PC based broadcasting software has improved so much over the past year, we no longer recommend studios spend the time integrating game streaming directly into their PC game clients. Instead, we recommend studios to encourage their userbases to download third party broadcast solutions such as OBS, and promote their streaming community within their game with in-game viewing integrations and through all other communication channels such as social media and email.”

What is the best recourse at this point? Should each developer ask for private access? Does this kill the UE4 integration?

Yes, this is an unfortunate change of policy by the Twitch team that will make it a bit more difficult to add live streaming to Twitch on desktop platforms. We’re still discussing options with them, obviously we’d love to be able to bundle an SDK with the engine out of the box. For now, you’ll need to contact the Twitch team to request access to the SDK on Windows or Mac platforms.

Keep in mind that our Twitch plugin is still not finished yet, but you are free to try it out and give us feedback if you have time! Aside from some weirdness with the browser-based authentication, it mostly works fine. We are hoping to replace the browser-based login with a direct authentication method soon.