[Twitch] PAX Recap, EGX Plans, Marketplace is LIVE, and More! - Sept. 4, 2014

Dana return’s from PAX with a recap from the show floor, Epic and Unreal Engine head to EGX, and what you’ve all been waiting for - Marketplace is LIVE! Come hang with Dana, Deke, and Chance to hear all about it!

Read the Marketplace Announcement here.

Thursday, Sept 4th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


**Dana Cowley **- Sr. Marketing Manager
Deke Waters - Sr. Producer
Chance Ivey - Community Manager, Epic Games

Drop us a line below if you’ve got related questions for us on the stream!


EDIT: YouTube Posting is up HERE](PAX Recap, Marketplace & UE4 for Education | News | Unreal Engine - YouTube)

Hi Chance, would it be possible to shine the spotlight briefly on Space Dust Racing in the next Twitch stream? We’ve just released a new gameplay video and would love some feedback:


Hi Chance, not sure if this is interesting to show, but just in case it is:
I remade the Elemental demo using light propagation volumes. The scene is lit by only 1 directional lights and the lava material itself. Some other material are also injecting extra light like the red flags and the ice, just for boosting the GI effect.

Here is the forum where I discuss the complete video, including a link to my blog.

I would like to thank Daniel Wright for giving some extra inside on how the technology works, so for all the graphics geeks (like me), definitely check out the thread!