Twitch or tutorial on making a moddable game ?

Now that the editor is free to use, modding Unreal Engine 4 games should be even easier.

It would be very helpful to have Epic guidelines and/or tutorials on how to make a moddable game (this may be also used for Unreal Tournament).

IMHO there should be 2 levels in modding:
Basic level

  • changing textures to existing assets (maybe implement a runtime texture importer)
  • changing some parameters to actors or components (i.e. damage, health etc) , maybe loading data from ini files
  • importing new skeletal meshes (this will require the editor)

use blueprints for scripting and integrate in existing project (how can one do that without giving away his source code ?)

I believe many others have the same doubts i have, a common approach would benefit everyone, how would you guys at Epic do it ?


I second this. I’ve always wondered how mod scripting would work.

Do you mean beyond going to the UE4 Launcher>Unreal Tournament>Create… Step 2: What do you want to Mod? “Build Your Own Weapon?” “Build Your Own Cosmetic Item?” “Build You Own Level?” Step 3: Share with your friends?

If so, what are the short comings to these. What specifically do you want to see beyond these. Let me know, and I’ll put in a feature request -Thanks!