[Twitch] Mixamo UE4 Export & Cont. AI Discussion with Mieszko! - Dec. 4th @ 2PM ET

Mixamo has added UE4 export options to their tools for bringing Fuse and autorigged characters into UE4! We’ll go over the tools and Sr. Animator Ray Arnett is hanging out with us to talk about some of the time saving features of the new feature. Mixamo will be joining us in the chat, as well. Say hi!

Also, by popular demand, we’re bringing Sr. AI Programmer Mieszko Zielinski back on the stream to continue Tuesday’s discussion on AI and EQS.

Thursday, Dec. 4th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager
Ray Arnett - Sr. Animator
Miezsko Zielinski - Sr. AI Programmer

Questions on Animation, Mixamo, and AI? Let’s hear 'em :slight_smile:

EDIT: The YouTube archive is now available here](

Will there be an Unreal Engine December Game Jam? And if so, when do you reveal it?

Yep! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

AI and nav mesh documentation status? :wink:

Wow! I can’t wait to see what you and Mixamo have cooked up this time!

Also, happy to see that Mieszko is returning to continue the AI talk. That was quite the stream he did on Tuesday! I learned a lot on the one. I would love to see an example of the AI needed to find some ammo/health pickup on a level.

I second Chariots’ question about documentation. Also, any updates of having video tutorials on AI for us noobs? Crowds? I have found a couple of ones on youtube that have been very helpful (zoombapup’s especially!), but I would love to see a tutorial from you guys as well and seeing how far you can go with AI in UE4 with no code.

practical examples of working AI characters in a FPS would be very helpfull. Especially AI that does more than just seek and destroy.
Tuesdays twitch was very interesting, I will probably re-watch it several times in the future.

Question for Miezsko! I see that we have RVO Avoidance for vehicles now in 4.6. But when i enable it the car minds its own business and ignores the AI i setup for it - or more like it takes control of the steering and doesnt let the car to set it’s direction to the target. How can i combine it with an AI? Am i supposed to activate it only when a collision is detected?

Thanks in advance!

Maximo, very interesting , i will watching it tomorrow because i am not here tonight , thank you , will be a nice twitch again