[Twitch] Marketplace, Preview Builds, & Game Jam Theme Announce! - Dec 11th @ 2PM ET

Sr. Producer Deke Waters returns to discuss Marketplace and to introduce our new Marketplace Content Curator ! Jon will be working with content creators in a number of ways, so be sure to drop him a message if you’re looking into getting involved with the Unreal Engine Marketplace! We’re also going to have a quick look at changes at how we handle Preview builds of UE4 in 4.7 and beyond. Come hang with us :slight_smile:

Thursday, Dec. 11th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]



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    Deke Waters - Sr. Producer
  • Content Curator

Questions? Let’s hear em :cool:

EDIT: The YouTube archive is up here](Preview Builds, Marketplace & Jan #ue4jam Kickoff | News | Unreal Engine - YouTube)

Awesome will be there!

Any update on plugins for the marketplace?
Whats the update on the marketplace seller dashboard?
What are your future plans for promotions, product visibility, & the Unreal Summer Sale? :slight_smile:

Code plugins ? When? :smiley:

With some free plugin from Epic ? :wink:

How far off is a consumer ratings/comments system for the marketplace?

It could even be slate based because slate can run on html5 right?

Couple questions about using different builds:

  1. In general, how safe is it to switch my project into a preview build? Is it like a windows os preview where anything could go terribly wrong? Or is it more stable?
  2. Also, what kind of data/functionality should I expect to be lost (if any) when moving a project from an older engine version to a new one? Is there a checklist I should go through when moving from one engine to another to ensure the change is smooth?

Are free submissions allowed? If not, what is the lower limit for costs?

I asked during the stream as I was interested in hearing whether it’s currently possible to do and unfortunately it isn’t, the minimum is $5. Here is the answer I got back:

So it could change in the future, but not possible right now (Koola’s LightRoom was probably a project that Epic wanted to put up as a showcase). :slight_smile:

EDIT: Here is the Koola explanation:

Thanks for participating everybody!

Re: Free assets - nothing at time that’s not deliberately created for the purpose of learning. Will let know if that changes! :cool:

Also thanks again for participating today, !

Thanks guys. Kind of a disappointment but I understand why. Lot of manual work involved and trying to stay uncluttered in the absence of a good search. Looks like I’ll just have to wait.