Twitch Live Stream with the Blueprint Team?

It sounds like the Blueprint team is a separate team from the actual tools team. It would be great if you guys did a live stream and share what you are working on and answer questions?

I have two questions…

  1. Blueprint functions can have a “local variable”, but, these don’t have the same Get/Set UI as regular variables, so you end up with a mess of crossing wires. Any plans to fix this? Right now I put hack variables in the blueprint that I make sure to only modify those within the scope of the blueprint function.

  2. When adding a blueprint as a component of another blueprint I would love to be able to edit that blueprints public properties in the component tab of the blueprint in the same as as if I put that child blueprint into the editor. This will allow me to create a car blueprint and then have various children blueprints that are editable within in. Then I can take this special car and put that into my level.