Twitch Integrator - A twitch chat Integration plugin


[SIZE=22px]I’m happy to announce that a new twitch integration plugin is now compatible with 4.17 and available on the unreal marketplace![/SIZE]
I made this plugin to heavily simplify twitch integration with the unreal engine.


To have access to the event nodes, simply put the twichChat actor in your world. Once that’s done it only needs this information:

  • your twitch API token (Can be obtained here)
  • the name of the channel you want to connect to
  • The name of the user the token belongs to (This will also be the name that will be used when sending messages to the chat);base64

After that, you just have to use the events “onChatMessage” and “onCheer” to be notified when a chat message has been received
or bits have been sent to the streamer.;base64

As you can see, I also added data structure that breaks down info coming with each chat messages so you can easily make conditional events!

You can also send messages with one simple node.


Features :

  • Simple event based twitch integration!
  • separate events for chat messages and Bits donations.
  • powerful data structures for chat messages and donations to have easy access to useful information in no time!
  • UE 4.15 - 4.17 Ready
  • Easily send chat messages

Now that the plugin is 4.17 ready, I’ll be working on Linux compatibility and adding new features.

If you have questions or feature requests post them below and I’ll be happy to answer them!

I got a question about this, in the part where you say you can use the non official web to get the token, can be used the official ones from created a proper App ? From here Build Twitch Extensions | Twitch Developers ?

Got another question, why you made an actor for this ? What happen if you have different maps ? I have to place the same actor in each map ?


For the token link, the website I linked to is the one I’m using to test the plugin because it’s the simplest one to use. But yeah any token should work.
As for why an actor, I did it that way because it seemed like the simplest way to implement the chat connection.

I have this plugin, I have still been unable to get it to work… What I would like to accomplish is as a streamer, run my game on my computer, and just listen for events in the chat to trigger events in the game. This method would appear to require a redirect for twitch authentication for the user to play?! Is that correct?

Also, is there a way to implement in the struct’s a way to call a players avatar and apply that to a mesh’s material?!

To listen to a chat you don’t actually need any redirect. Since your token is for your “chatbot” for lack of a better word, you just need to get the token for your bot you’re fine. If you’re having problems with getting the events to work, I’d be happy to help.

As for calling a player avatar, you could call it when one of the events is triggered. However, I’m not sure if I understood what you’re trying to do right.