[Twitch] GitHub visits Epic, and Game Jam Finalists! - Live January 29th @ 2PM ET

Our good friends Lee Reilly and Rick Olson from GitHub are in town and hanging out with us on the stream! We’re gonna talk about GitHub, the partnership with Epic Games, and all sorts of other things. Also, the results are in from the January #ue4jam! We’ll announce the finalists and play their games live on the stream. Hang with us!

Thursday, Jan. 29th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]



Edit: The YouTube archive is now up here](GitHub Interview & Jan #ue4jam Winners 2015 | News | Unreal Engine - YouTube)

Awesome. Yay for Github. :slight_smile:

Nice! Should be a fun stream. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Can’t wait :smiley:

Go ahead and start posting any questions you have for our guests. We’ll gather them up and get the answers you need live!

If I submit a pull request and cancel my subscription, is the pull request still in the pipeline? Or does my pull request disappear along with my fork?

/\ I’d like to encourage to not ‘cancel subscription’; I’ve been paying for it since first release and I think could do the same. I think is more than fair to support Epic for such a great piece of software they provide us (even though they are a multi million company and we’re not) :stuck_out_tongue:
Value their work, they deserve it.

Oh and this one will be interesting stream. I’ll be there, won’t forget this time :slight_smile:

We don’t owe Epic anything. We can cancel for any reason at any time. I usually do pay monthly, but I don’t see a real point in paying when I’m not getting a full release that month. Additionally, many of us are indie and some of us have to make a $20 decision. It’s not much, but for some people it’s a real expense.

Question for Lee and Rick:

How do you decide who is admitted to the Student Developer program? Most software companies I’ve seen are able to simply verify a university issued email address within seconds (Microsoft’s DreamSpark program for instance). Do you actually look at the applications and decide on a case-by-case basis?

another hour and half, see you there, I’m there early lol

, you said new Launcher “today” :stuck_out_tongue: Now this is yesterday and I still have the old launcher :wink:
But it’s absolutely okay, take your time and release it when it’s ready.

I was about to post something very similar (being humbly sarcastic), but you did it for me. No rush, it will be ready when its ready :slight_smile:

I love how the “murdered by the bathtub” joke went over 's head, definitely amused me.

Great stream - nice looking games from the Jam, well done.

Only just managed to start watching last nights stream, and It has to be said that Lee Reilly’s T-Shirt is amazing!