Twitch Chat Play...

I am still a n00b in Unreal, but making my way around the engine more comfortably now.

I have downloaded pretty much every Twitch plugin on the marketplace. And none of them appear to do what I am wanting to do which I believe is a pretty simple task.

Here is my current project:
I am attempting to create a small interactive game for my twitch chat viewers. What I would like to have happen is when I play the game on my end, twitch chat is being “checked” for commands or keywords which then would fire off certain events or actions in the game on my end.

Problem Statement:
I can get my game to connect to twitch and to post a message in my twitch chat at Event Begin Play. However, I can not get it to respond to any commands or keywords.

Currently I am having the best luck with the Free Twitch Chat Play plugin available on the marketplace. I also have TwitchWorks, however, that requires client side authorizations and since currently I am not distributing the game to anyone, I don’t need to authenticate anyone but me as the streamer to my knowledge.

Any assistance to get this to work would be great.

I am running in 4.19.2