Twitch Chat Game Wip

Howdy all!

I’ve been playing around with a twitch chat I’ve implemented with someone code into a plugin and now doing R&D on game play with with Twitch chat.


I was able to do this by using someone code to make the plugin.

I’m planning on doing a test play on Monday. if ya’ll like to see the game in development I Stream every Sun-Wed at 5:00 PM Central.

This is really cool, Can i ask how you created your custom chat functions with parameters?

I have functions that are just exact lines, how does yours work its interesting.

Howdy all!.

Just Want to say that my twitch chat game playtest is live. if ya’ll can try out my game and try to beat it.

All I did was made a switch on String in blueprint to take in a word and see if any words matches what I’m looking for. Example: If the message have the word ‘left’ it will recognize it and execute it.