[Twitch] Animation Editing, Animation Recording, and More - Jan 15, 2015 @ 2PM ET

Sr. Programmer Lina Halper and Lead Animator Jay Hosfelt join us to talk about some of the awesome new animation features coming in 4.7, such as animation editing in the editor and recording from physics. Also, we’re kicking off the January game jam, so don’t miss it!
Thursday, Jan. 15th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager - @iveytron](
Lina Halper - Sr. Programmer - @nikolobin](
Jay Hosfelt - Lead Animator - @HosFross](

Questions? Let’s hear em!

Edit: The YouTube archive is up!

Looking forward to it! I’m in :slight_smile:


can you set actor rotation while root motion is playing?..

hack n’ slash game so I go from 1 root motion to another thus making it difficult to rotate the actor in between swings…

Can we get more montage Events ?

Like OnSectionStartedPlaying(SectionName), OnSectionStoppedPlaying(SectionName) ?


  • ( probably will be shown in the stream but ) how many usefull tools will be in the editor? Thinking about the ART toolkit, it’ll be something like that, with many possibility of modification ( poses/ROM testing, and so on ), or animation editing is limited to have a move/rotate/scale manipulator?
  • About physics, it is possible to have custom skeletal mesh collision meshes exported from Maya instead of capsules using persona?
  • ( bit of generic question but ) Thinking about a mocap suit, whats the status on streaming data so it can be recorded?


A pipeline from Maya to UE4 would be great, I miss the Actor X animation exporter.
Anything planned to ease the export of multiple animations ?

Is there a way to inject animation into my animblueprint at runtime? For example, it would be cool if I could have my aim offsets IN the weapons instead of in my anim-blueprint. So the anim-bluprint would just have an empty node until you equip something and it would fetch the animation from that equipped object. This would reduce the complexity of my anim-blueprint.