Twisted Prism's Weapons/Hard Surface Projects Thread

Hey everyone!

I had some of these projects piling up and wanted to start a WIP thread as a way to become more familiar with UE4. I’ve got UE3/UDK experience as well as PBR experience but due to work haven’t had a chance to really dive into UE4. I’m hoping this thread will be a touchstone for learning and sharing. :slight_smile:

Here are some WIP shots of various guns currently being built.

First up, Dragunov SVD high poly. I had a thread started for this one but it has since disappeared (?!).

PP90 High Poly

White Wolf SMG. Concept by the amazingly talented Ben Mauro although I put different ironsights on this version. I’ve got the concept ironsights modeled out, just don’t have a render of them at the moment.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for updates!

Hey folks!

Finished up the low poly and unwrap for the SMG. Bakes are next!

Final count came to ~13300 tris. Textures will be at 4k for the funsies. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

Another quick update. Got the initial bakes done at lunch. Still some minor things to take care of as well as copying mirrored parts over but should be ready to move onto the ironsight bakes and then bring everything into Painter for the texturing. :slight_smile:

Update time!

Final bakes with ironsights. To Painter I go! :slight_smile:

Quick materials update. Threw FBX into Painter and quickly put some proxy materials on. Let the fun begin!

Thanks for looking. :slight_smile:

Had some free time this afternoon to work on materials. Still a ways to go but getting there.


Been busy with other work but finally had some downtime. Nearly finished with materials:

Had some time to work on this small piece. Fun little project!

Max and Substance Painter 2. Rendered in Marmoset.