Twisted Fate WIP shots. Fighter coming out for PC/Xbox One/PS4

Hello everyone. I am Keiyentai or Jeremy owner of NeoSpawn Games. My company is currently working on a fighting game called Twisted Fate which is a revamp of a game I was producer of back in 2001-2003 that got canceled by it’s original developer and 11 years later decided to take it from a 2D fighter using Pre-Render Sprites similar to Killer Instinct back in the arcade days and revamp it with the amazing power of the Unreal Engine 4. The pics I am going to post show just a test room and a character named Kyndle who’s model is still a WIP (she doesn’t have normals finished yet). Also we are going to be using the “removed” Light Propagation Volumes GI instead of LightMass. I was able to get it to work properly and even more so after taking the pics I am going to upload. Also we have a main website which is under construction and a facebook fanpage feel free to check them out too. Now I am going to attempt to upload the pics again with out the editor deleting everything I typed :expressionless: Also Unreal Engine has been asking me on Twitter and FB to post here for like the last 5 days lol. SO here it is!

Also when I can I have some better ones too but I need to convert them to .jpg and I have a meeting soon. Please Enjoy


Full Global GI only the Particles Emitting Light

Owner/Founder/Lead Developer of NeoSpawn Games

Updated version GI settings and room with soft shadows and particles! All in game at 1600x900 at 60+FPS. I love this Engine so much can’t wait to show more. PS sorry for the image size I tried to upload them from my computer and the editor crashed on me.

Loving the particle effects! The model is really cool too!

I don’t have the engine but have been following the videos and it’s really interesting that this effect comes with it but omfg the use is neat!

Great stuff, @Keiyentai! Indeed, Lightmass doesn’t seem appropriate here, LPV is better for dynamics.
Looking forward to your WIP and LPV research!

Shortly after I uploaded the second batch of pics I was able to get even better results. I am going to see about posting them. I was also able to get soft shadows from smoke and haze with no performance hit. I am just in love with what the engine can do and since I was just testing particle effects and the LPV that’s a standard particle system so it’s nothing fancy. Once I get it how I want I plan on having her flames be GPU based Dynamic Particle systems. Thanks for the support it means a lot to mean and everyone at NeoSpawn Games especially since Unreal/Epic has been asking my co-owner and myself on FB and Twitter “Post stuff on the forums we wana see!!”

The upload from computer finally worked yay. Another test using a stand in model for now mainly testing out LPV more and trying to give Twisted Fate a unique flare for a fighter still very early WIP though. Same as last all In Game with LVP on at 1600x900 res. EDIT: Had to upload from the FB fanpage cause uploading them from my comp or even dropbox they shrank down to thumbnail size :\

In the process of using LightMass for some levels since I just can’t get the shadows and such to look right with LPV which really makes me sad :frowning: cause I like LPV. Though with the 4.0.2 update LightMass seems to give “similar” results. Also if need be I can use Reflective Sphere/Cube maps and with LVP I can’t cause it UE4 keeps crashing. Also for those who are interested if you wana check out who is doing the music for the Twisted Fate check his YouTube Channel out at also will have more pics and what not up and the official site soon with have content. Off topic a bit is there any difference with how LPV works in the 4.1 Preview release? I haven’t “updated” yet though I am very tempted.

looking pretty nice, but the lights are too bright and fill in the whole scene, try using illumination to its maximum potential

Ya I like LPV but at the same time it’s a pain to get proper shadows. The first pic is just straight LightMass 4.0.0 the others are LPV but after the 4.0.1 update seems to have made LPV slightly um messed up though I found a way to get Lightmass to work how I like since I am not the best coder in the world. Also I am seeing if I can get 4.1 Preview working and see if there is much difference. I have made a few changes since. Thanks for the advice though I will look in to Illumination more. :slight_smile: thank you.