Download file

Abaout the video Twin Stick Shooter.
I can not download the file.

Hi! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble downloading the content - I just double-checked the file and the link in the video description and it seemed to be working for me. Could you try again? Thanks!

I understand this is quite late, but when I clicked on the link it says the files have been removed. Hope you can answer soon why this is.

Yup. The file isn’t avaliable anymore in the Box link… :frowning:

Fix it or not?

I’m unable to download it too.

Cmon guys, pls fix this.

Apparently Box changed the way they format links which is why it appears broken. I will get the links updated, but here is the correct link now:

This learning resource is broken when following along using 4.22.3 the respawned ai possessions actors seem to no longer receive overlaps from the projectiles. Resulting in the interface damage call not firing. It works if the enemy is placed into the map within editor but if spawned using the spawner logic the enemy spawns but never fires the overlap from the projectile. It’s about 70% through the course and I can submit my test project for review if anyone needs. Actually this seems to have been an issue with the ai when “nav mesh walking” instead of walking was used.