TwinStickShooter school project

Our first 2 weeks of progress from our 1 month project, and our first project with UE4. Last 2 weeks I’m gonna use mainly on characters as there is no work done for them yet.
As you may notice there is still lot of things on to-do list: Adding some variations on zombie run animations, fix those “exploding” barrels etc…
Feel free to comment your opinion and suggest what should be improved or add.

Level assets are from PolyPixel3D and zombie animations from Motion Capture Online ZombiePro - MoCap Pack.


It’s been little over a week since last post and i got almost nothing done. Reason for this slacking is Nordic Game Conference which took 3 days from my time. Well it was a great trip and little vacation is always welcome.

But we got something done:

Other member of our huge team did get musics done for menus and for level, he also did a death screen. I tried to make some AI for our zombies but well it still needs “some” work. Also zombies have now 3 different run animations.

Yesterday i stitched together some base character for us. Textures are just something i threw in to make it look like something. Will need to fix them and make a new character later on.


Today was a deadline on our school project and here is our final product:

I’m quite happy with a result, as this was our first project in UE. That said, there is still a a lot of work to do, we just didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted.
Even though this is ready as a school project, we are going to continue making this.
Please feel free to judge and tell your opinion.

Thanks for everyone who has been lurking this thread.