Twinstick shooter - lookup and lookright axis inputs won't work?

Hey guys,

I am following a tutorial series, learning how to create a twin stick shooter game. It is my first time using blueprints and I am trying to map out controls and using blueprints to help my character to move and rotate. Character moves just fine with the left stick or the WASD keys but he won’t rotate at all with the right stick or with other controls I mapped out. I am so confused cause I followed what the video says and my character should be able to rotate but no such luck. Please help.

Here is part of the video where I am stuck at:

Here is the blueprint and input screenshots:

You need to enter “.25” instead of “25” in the > node that is plugged into the branch. VectorLength of the the input values equal 0 means the Thumbstick isn’t touched at all while a value equal 1 would mean the Thumbstick is pressed fully to one side.

Aw **** it, of all the things :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much dude! Works now…