A couple of questions regarding Twinmotion…a long shot I know.

I have an AVI clip on TV screen within a interior scene. Runs fin the viewport but during the recorded animation of my room the AVI runs too quick. Any ideas?

My final question is if you create a BimMotion on a PC can it be opened on a mac as a Standalone?


Hi Jim,

Twinmotion doesn’t support officially video textures. With some tricks, you can import a video texture (I imagine you knew it), but at export, the animation will run faster than it should be. A walk around is to slow down the video using a video editing software.

About BIMmotion, a BIMmotion created on a PC is not compatible with Mac. The format is different.

Feel free to open a discussion on Twinmotion community page for any further questions about Twinmotion :wink:

Twinmotion Community Manager

Thanks Tianxiao,

Unfortunately slowing down the clip in an external application doesn’t work. Really hope this basic requirement doesn’t get overlooked in future releases. It would be a real shame as it works well in Lumion.

I find it a real problem that you cannot share your model / BIMmotion between platforms. Also the BIMmotion is more than 10GB! It is not something you put on a USB stick to give to your client. A standalone viewer or smaller version of Twinmotion would be great. Also a good forum would be useful as the community page is hard to navigate…

Video Textures in Twinmotion play perfectly while in create mode but fail to play continuously once an Export render command is issued. The video textures seem to be stuck in a 1 Sec loop repeat in all output frame rates. I have experimented with all possible frame rate combinations but have had the same loop results. Please advise