TwinMotion Unlimited trial content to UE4 and commercial permissions?

By using the free “Unlimited” Trial of TwinMotion for UE4 devs, is it possible and okay to export my creations from the free TwinMotion trial version and import them into my commercial UE4 project, or would I have to buy the full commercial version of TwinMotion to export my TwinMotion Creations into UE4 for my commercial UE4 project??
Also what is the situation as far as using TwinMotion content models that come as default content with the free unlimited trial version TwinMotion for commercial UE4 projects?

Thanks in advance for anyone that answers my question, appreciated. :+1:

A little help would be appreciated guys… Doesn’t anyone know the answer to my query here?

Hey mate,

For unreal engine developers, you get a permenant trial version :slight_smile:
But, with some limitations:

  1. You shouldn’t use the free permanent trial for commercial purposes. You should get a license for that. (This includes anything inside of it, I believe)

  2. Export resolution is limited to 2k

Hi Trent…

Thanks for that, I just wanted to know for sure where I stood on that point. Thank you, and I appreciate the reply mate. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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