Twinmotion Thank you Epic

thank you for the lovely free software, I am having lots of fun

I will be happy to pay for more features though if you want to add them such as looping animated FBX import, Unreal Avatar import using the third person motions without too much complicated blueprint stuff etc
goodness gracious me it won’t work now

thank you for the clovers and weeds update too
you guys really need a dedicated Twinmotion forum not just random posts in ArchVis as I can see people making movies with this since you let us grab it free
Surely I am not the only one thinking along these lines.

and why should MikuMikuDance have all the Music video fun

Damn it would be awesome if Epic could add the Paragon Characters to Twinmotion with some of their animations looped
I can imagine building some fantasy architecture to go with them

I want to find the original assets used in Twinmotion so I can composite video stories easier
I sort of attempted to match some of the characters using my extensive collection of DAZ content but actually would rather buy the exact assets used to retarget in iClone, the Speedtrees in iClone match the Twinmotion ones and of course I can import all my objects and static meshes, ideally of course it would be lovely if the coming paid version of Twinmotion could import animated FBX like UE4 can, I do render stuff in UE4 sometimes too but I am not clever enough to use Blueprints and scripting, I love Twinmotion’s simplicity as an iClone 6 user (I know iC7 has a UE4 bridge but way beyond my budget) honestly I would rather buy a version of Twinmotion that had FBX import than try to render in UE4.

update I checked Adobe Fuse and the characters are from there with Mixamo motions
easily duplicated for free for your own projects outside of Twinmotion

Haha, thank you for your creative silly fun. :slight_smile: Glad to see some unconstrained fun like that.

3D is just a hobby for me like gaming is to some, if its work its unfun and I would want to be actually paid for doing it not be buying toys!
I am just another type of gamer really, like arranging stuff into pretty landscaping and gardens not wandering around shooting stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

video no longer up :o
so post redundant

I found avi with Alpha channel works on textures
have sound matching issues as does not play start of clip, knew video played 4X so fixed that
but at least I can composite stuff into my scenes

using Phases and an obj series

not long now until we learn of whats planned for the future version
nonetheless I enjoy using this one very much :slight_smile:

Wondering what Epic is going to do with the paid update and if it’s anything I need or can afford
meanwhile finding more stuff I can do with custom paths

The Infinity Blade assets work well in Twinmotion
and export with textures unlike the Paragon ones with a few foliage exceptions but I use TM foliage anyway
I figure since Epic Games own both I can use them for renders at least :stuck_out_tongue:
Uasset import would really rock though if implemented, it would be a great way to render fast cinematics

the free this month Modern city uasset in Twinmotion and UE4 Third Person Player Shadowplay capture (edited in Hitfim express)