Twinmotion Library assets missing in UE5.1


I installed “Datasmith Twinmotion Cotent for Unreal Engine” for 5.1 version from Epic Games Launcher, then checked plugin box in UE5.1 project for “Twinmotion Content” under Plugins to access Twinmotion library assets, but when I go to folder location, upon Restart, under Engine > Plugins > Twinmotion Content Content, all static meshes (specifically trees is what I’m looking for) are gone. Previous UE5 prior to April update worked, but now all assets are missing. Can you please help?

Greetings @PerryBecker

Welcome back to the Unreal Forums! If I’m not mistaken, I believe that plugin requires an importer plugin to be installed in addition to the content plugin. (Datasmith Twinmotion Importer and Twinmotion Content) Check out the marketplace for the importer plugin. I believe it has a tutorial/instructions on installation in it’s release notes. I hope this helps!

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Hi @FrostyJas,

Thank you fore responding back so quickly!

I did have both plugins (see images attached) and restarted prior, but none of the static meshes were there in the folders. It seems this was an issue for others based on this thread (link below), especially explained by BendaBRodrigez at the end of the conversation.