Twinmotion Improvements

I’ve been using twinmotion for about a year now on a weekly basis, and have gotten to know the program quite well. In the year since I began using it for logistics visuals, it has gotten considerably more stable and I am down to crashing less than once a month, if that.

The updated section box tool in TM2021 has been amazing, being able to drag from the corners is a HUGE improvement.

I have a suggestion for section boxing that would make twinmotion easier & more powerful to use than SYNCHRO 4D for 4D rendering: Make the section boxes similar to custom paths. With the current TM custom path tool, you can insert your own objects to that path & have them follow. If you could add elements TO a section box, you’d be able to show specific elements of buildings growing.

For example: Add structure elements of a building to a section box, and have it on a custom path moving upward. That would show the structure growing.

Next, you could add your exterior elements to a section box on the same custom path, and show the exterior elements being added to the structure.

Essentially this would be a section box that only applies to specific objects, rather than cutting through the entire model.

I dont know how well I was able to get my idea across, but if anyone on the TM development team wants to learn more or clarify, I am very open to meeting & explaining my idea more. A tool like this would essentially render Synchro 4D obsolete for my team, and would give us greater control over high quality 4D renders.

Second: Upgraded triggers. I dont know how this would be implemented, but have the ability to trigger custom paths without a character or vehicle would be amazing. That way you’d be able to specify when to have an object grow or move, rather than shotgunning it together.

Thank for taking the time to read this if anyone has!