Twinmotion importer plugin for Unreal Enging

Will there be any importer plugin coming For Twinmotion to Unreal Engine?

Hey gauranG-P !

The plugins to import your Twinmotion files in Unreal Engine are available at the following links :

Twinmotion importer plugin (this is the code only plugin for the importer)

And you will need the Twinmotion Content for Unreal Engine plugin aswell (this includes the asset library from twinmotion)

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Thanks for your reply @Antoine_Guillo.
Sorry for not mentioning for UE5 in the previous post

We have no current plans to update the Twinmotion To Unreal plugins to UE5.

A method you can use is to import your projects in UE4.26 with the Marketplace Plugins, copy the Twinmotion Content for Unreal Engine Plugin from your 4.26 engine plugins folder to the UE5 EA engine plugins folder, then create a new project (or open a current UE5 project) with the Content Plugin enabled.

You can then migrate the Datasmith Twinmotion scene imported in 4.26 in your UE5 project. :slight_smile:

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Thank You @Antoine_Guillo

That was helpful.


Also one more last thing I am struggling with is that
Exporting model from Twinmotion and bringing into UE4.26, If I want to export FBX file with materials and textures from UE4.26.
I am getting all materials exported as black material.
Am I doing something wrong while exporting to FBX? Is their any fir or plugin for this?