Twinmotion import - missing materials / assets

Just tried the Twinmotion importer.

On import, it looks like UE is importing material names, but all thumbnails show a blank texture, and no materials show up on objects.

Not sure what to check for this… any help appreciated.

Also, a plant that was loaded from the included content (monstera) turned into a cube…

Hey oandroido !

Make sure to have BOTH the import plugin and content plugin installed and enabled in your project. The documentation available on the plugins marketplace page explains it all.



Thanks Antoine!

Also: wow, didn’t expect this to be such a huge plugin… is there a way to “share” this with multiple installations (eg 4.26 and 5) without re-installing?

thanks again

The smaller, importer plugin currently only supports 4.26, but you can without an issue copy/paste the asset plugin folder in other, more recent engines (eg 4.27 when it releases and UE5 EA).

If you only use it in 4.26, the plugins resides in the plugin engine folder : all your projects with the plugin enabled will just create redirectors to that plugin engine folder, and will not duplicate the content in your project folder.

If you share the projects with other people, just make sure they have the TMtoUE plugins installed on their machines !


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