Twinmotion & IES Files

I’m trying out Twinmotion following this morning presentation.
I have a question related to imported IES files.
I can see that when replacing an IES file from a file I import kind of change the shape of the light but I feel like Twinmotion is not completely reading the light distribution of the IES file I imported. Is there a way to create a new IES file from scratch in Twinmotion and import my desired photometry from a file?

I believe at this time you can’t create light from scratch but have to rely on the preset ones.

Twinmotion is based on unreal 4.19 and the ies file parser evolved since then. what you described is possibly a core issue related to non symmetrical ies files. can you post your ies file here so we can check?

I tried to use the ies file of a linear light fixture but Twin motion interpreted it as a point source. Is there an option of importing Linear light fixture data such as LED striplight in this program

Has this been resolved in 2020.1? I need to create linear uplights based on an IES distribution to push light further out. This is a common characteristic of a cove light with an elliptical reflector.