Twinmotion for Revit 2022?

Direct link only supports 2021 or earlier. When will Direct Link be released for 2022?
Thank you.


You can use direct link plugin for revit 2022
If revit 2021 is installed in your computer

  1. Install direct link 2021
  2. From c:\programdata\autodesk\revit\addins\2021
  3. Folder-Twinmotion2020.2 & file-Twinmotion.DirectLink.Revit_2020.2.addin
  4. copy to c:\programdata\autodesk\revit\addins\2022

THANKS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

perfect, works but shortcut tip: you don’t need to install revit 2021. You can simply create a folder called 2021 inside of the c:\programdata\autodesk\revit\addins\ folder

then install TM 2020.2

copy file to RVT 2022 FOLDER

done :wink: