Twinmotion Feedback/Recommendations for Imporovement

Hi, I would like to provide some recommendations for the next releases of Twinmotion. I am using it since 1 month, there are good and also bad points that I thought would be good for mentioning to make it better use of everyone.

Here they are,

  • An option or add on to show object top to bottom or one direction to another, would be so great! I have to use section box and animate it on my own to do this effect on phasing, this is easy with a few object but in a larger projects, its so difficult to adjust timing, and so on using this method. there should be a button next to the object, Fade Top-Bottom, Bottom-Top, Left-Right, Right-Left to do this simple effect, please check Syncro or other softwares.

  • Using the Arrow keys to sensitively adjusting the location of the objects

  • Disabling the right click automatic sliding in phasing window, slow mouse gesture shouldn’t slide the phasing horizontally, but fast mouse gesture could slide as it is, this could be useful

  • There should be option for right click in the viewport rather than only in object list on the right

  • Saving time should be reduced, there is a very long saving time when running bigger projects

  • Selecting box option should be added for allowing users to select multiple objects at the same time from the viewport, it is very hard sometimes to pick one floor if the project objects are poorly categorized in the softwares that we import from.

  • Likewise in UE4, shift + drag could follow the object, can be very handy in some situations

  • Creating an independent object from multiple objects and merging them into one object, as we do in UE4

  • Editing modifying Pivot points, would be so great!

  • To be able to move/copy/paste multiple phasing bars at the same time

  • Custom Path issue, the object attached to the path should not return back to the beginning point when Once option selected. All object return back once they complete the path. You should change it for the object to stop when it comes to the end point at Once option, it should return to the start point if we select Loop.

Will add more by updating it time to time :slight_smile: