Twinmotion crashes

Good afternoon and Again I pray for help! I’ve been working on one Twinmotion project for almost a year now, the file itself is 2.8 GB. Last version of twinmotion. I have a powerful computer: 4090, 13900k, 128 ram. I’ve already reinstalled Windows 5 times in the last couple of months, originally it was 11 pro, now it’s 10 pro. First, a couple of months ago, my project started to crash periodically while exporting 4k video. I decided to export pictures for now - if the export time is more than an hour, then after about an hour or a couple of hours it also crashes. Now the project crashes during loading. When TwinMotion tells me that there are missing files, I click ok and it crashes. I specially copied my project into several versions - I save a new file every 20 minutes now. And the computer selectively downloads some of the copies. But then crashes may happen again, or after turning off the computer I will no longer be able to open a file that was just opened… I am very tired and tormented by crashes… Memtest, Aida, and other checks show that there everything is fine… I have already tried everything that I could find on the Internet - I installed the latest and older versions of drivers, updated the BIOS, reinstalled Windows, re-downloaded and installed 2013 and 2015 C++… Nothing works … Help me please! Error log below by link

My log file

This might be a problem you have never thought of. The high temperature of the computer leads to the low-power operation of the hardware, making twinmotion crash. I also had the same problem before, but I was using a Windows desktop. The problem was solved when I removed the left and right side panels of the chassis to improve the air circulation.

Until now, I haven’t reinstalled the side panels of my chassis.:joy: