Twinmotion - Character paths missing

I have a problem where character paths seem to have gone missing in the editor. Is there a way to turn them back on? I can’t find it.

Press G if missing in the viewport.

I can see that pressing G is hiding the rest of the icons, but the paths are sadly still not appearing.

Have you checked your world editor. Not sure on the correct name. See below.

Are the people showing up and you just can’t find the path?

I cant find the character paths points. and thats why i cant edit the paths later.

And if you select the path in the sidebar and press F in the 3d window? It should Focus on the selected object.


You can also consider submitting a ticket at Twinmotion support channel

Hey guys i found the solution for the problem.
Just go to the world editor on the top right corner, in the ALL category just under the search bar click the ALL category and a menu will open, on thet menu click paths and there will be a list of every single path on that document.

Bug with frozen character path, I can’t delete the path anymore. There’s floating object