Twinmotion axis orientation and other issues

I am having the problem in that all my obj FBX etc import upside down and if I export with a negative y axis from DAZ studio for example to fix it all writing is reversed,
Also materials come in as multiples with no way to consolidate them that I can see which in itself can be useful except one sided is the default so I end up having to edit hundreds of materials and cannot find a way to just make everything two sided at once.
Not tried Sketchup files yet but know those solve this by doubling the mesh, just enabling backfacing polygons in preferences would be so much simpler for other obj and it seems to be most from any source.
The pivot points can vary wildly too even exporting at 0,0,0, there does not seem to be a way to fix this by parenting to a null, grouping or container as its called in TM
Just hoping I am maybe missing some obvious step to fix these issues.

Does the axis problem only happen with objects from DAZ or with any FBX model? Can you open a discussion and send us a FBX object from DAZ to test?

About the two-sided, there is a way to apply “two-sided” to all your materials at once. Find out How To in this discussion:

well Carrara exports work fine so I would say it’s a DAZ studio issue and cannot really as all the models are not redistributable, I have solved it by exporting from Carrara instead for now
thanks for answering, the twosided solution is a lifesaver:)