Twinmotion any features plugins planned

I quite like this, free is nice but I would pay for the ability to import animated FBX for example if Epic wanted to add that option as a plugin
I find it a great addition to my animation pipeline, quicker than iClone even for fly and walkaround tours, obviously as ArchVis that is it’s intended purpose but to be able to load small looping animations of my iClone and DAZ3D assets in those scenes would be great for fleshing out my more detailed stories using the same imported sets, even if I could just parent them seated to cars and the suchlike, I cannot find a way in the scene outliner to do that or the provided looped people even.

the paths seem to come with vehicles or use primitives, I can indeed parent a character or object to a car but don’t seem to be able to add my character to a path car or any of it to a primitive on a path dropping stuff from the library will not go into the drop here box, very confusing